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    April 23, 2011



    Jamie is Tads son with Brooke. He is currently in some far away country working.

    Tad is married to Cara - who was his brother Jakes ex-wife. They only got married to keep her from being deported back to Mexico - where there is a price on her head!!

    Palmer died on the show after his death in real life. He hadn't been on the show for some time before that, other than to make a cameo appearance every once in a while.

    Adam remarried Brooke and they are living somewhere else now. Can't remember where.

    Any other questions (I watch this show every day - LOL!!!).

    I can't believe they have actually cancelled All My Children after all of these years, my mother won't know what to do without "her" shows (since they also cancelled One Life to Live). I actually haven't watched AMC for long time, except when my mother is visiting and she seems to catch me up on it - I really don't know who anyone is anymore. However, I think I can fill in some of your blanks on the characters. I believe that Palmer's character did die on the show at the same time as his real death, I also believe that Adam has died. I thought Tad had a son named Jamie, possibly with Dixie or the woman who was Phoebe's niece (can't think of her name right now)? Also, I know that I saw the show recently, like the last few months or so, and it was Erica and Jackson's wedding show (I was thinking that weren't they married once or twice before) - only on soap operas!!!


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