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    July 13, 2009


    {{{{{{hugs}}}}] Melanie! :-) and I learned something new today (sock puppet)!

    The people at GDNNOP sure did their research!

    Have you noticed that she's always complaining about someone being out to get her? It's either the Christians, P1's baby daddy sister or the waiters at Elephant Bar. Sheesh!

    Thank you for the information. I spent a lot of time checking out all of the links to the information. Can you also send me a link to the other site you mentioned?

    The people at GDNNOP didn't do their research. They only crumpled together a bunch of rumors that have since been disproven by people close to the situation. One disprover was accomplished by calling Pdad and PGrandma. I'm an (name removed) member who lives by (name removed). I know who PennMommy is.

    Added by Mynee: The people at GDNNOP did their research sweetheart. If you choose not to believe the facts but rather believe a line of BS that the possum wants to feed you, go ahead. Do you honestly think a phone call to Pdad or PGrandma can be considered "evidence" that she isn't PennMommy? I can only pray that her soon to be ex-husband gets full custody of the kids.

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