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    October 15, 2007


    Hi Melanie,

    I think the Bellas should stay in their own country too. I'm so tired of looking at their skinny little stick arms.


    I hate the bellas too! I'm sure this whole Bella thing is just a fad though. People are going to get tired of seeing the same maniacal grin over and over and over.

    I put the Bellas in the same catagory with Hillary - SCARY.

    I'm so glad to meet a fellow Bella hater.

    I love this post (and hate the little horrors from Canada). I've added your blog to my list of favorites. Keep up the good work.

    Another Bella hater here. Maybe we should start a "Ban the Bellas" movement and work on deporting them.

    What's up with her saying "mwah" all the time. Is that some twisted Canadian word?

    I'll volunteer to help with the "Ban the Bellas" movement! The quicker they leave the country, the better.

    Ugh! Did you see the stamp where there are two of them sitting on a park bench eating ice cream. Their stupid little stick arms blend in with the grain of the wood on the bench and it looks like they have no arms. I can't imagine anyone actually buying any of them but especially not the armless one. I think the name of the stamp is Ampubella. HA HA.

    You guys crack me up. Actually, I think instead of Ampubella, it should be Thalidomide-abella.

    Hey Michelle. I like your suggestion even better. Thalidomide-abella. :)


    BTW Hilary was already president for two terms, she shouldn't be able to run again! :D

    read what irritates you...i have to agree with you on the whole bella thing. I think that they are simply ugly....scary....poorly drawn rather boring. They are todays fad and will be gone before you know it. I ashamed to be from the same country as they are!

    Ban the bella!!!!!

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